Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chapter 3

What can I do now!? I don’t have any idea to save my family! I walk slowly back to my home. Now everyone can see two big trees are on my home’ living room very clear. "Hi mom, hi dad. " I talk to the two big trees, even I know that they won’t answer up. I touch the trees where still look like mom and dad. I know they have not at all improved to me, but anyway, they still is my parents. "Wait for me, dad..I’ll help you to turn back to the human." So, what should I do first? I go to my father’s room and find out father’s bricabrac-a very old sword, but it was still very edgy, maybe it can help me. After it, I have bring some bread for the trip. "But where can I go? "I even don’t know ringleader is who. This travel Will be very difficulty.

Chapter 2

My parents turn in a tree! Why!? I need to call someone to help!.. mayor! Mayor is father’s best friend! He can use magic to turn them back! I wrestle to mayor home and knock the door hardly. But no one reply?Could it said that mayor is turn in a tree too? I pick up a big stone and shove the door, the door drops disjointedly with the voice. I run inside and check, just as expected, mayor and his wife are turn in the trees too! But I not dejection, maybe someone didn’t turn in the trees!
So I keep finding and finding, but even find all over the town, still have no one can help, everyone are turn in a tree! So why don’t I turn in a tree too? No! it’s not the time to think about why don’t I turn a tree! I need find an answer to adjust now this problem-magic! Yes! Just have magic can let the human turn in the trees, so I can use magic…oh,ya..I don’t have msgic. Ha ha! Now I know why just I didn’t turn in a tree! Because even I’m not a tree, still can not help the people that turn in the trees! But what can I do now? Granted I found out the the ringleader, I didn’t have any skill to beat him…what can I do now!? What can I do now!?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chapter 1

"Why don’t I have my own conjurator? "I asked to my father again, I can promise, I have asked this question at least for hundreds of time. "I don’t know, son, but I know you just more special from us. " I have heard this answer for hundreds of time too, so I didn’t have any feeling for it. In my world’s history, never have anyone like me, didn’t have any special skill, so stand to reason, everyone in here think I’m a very strange geek, of course, maybe even is my family too.
"Well, son, it’s your time for go home, I’ll come back later. "said my father. "OK…"
On the way to go home, ordinarily, still have a lot of drips use their magic to bullyrag at me. But what can I do? I don’t have any idea for it. "I’m back.. "said I adynamic.
"Oh. "said my mother snappiness "Your dinner is on the table" I walk to the table noiseless, and finish it quietly.
Why? Because I don’t want she found out any reason to penalize me. After it, I climb up to my room and apoise to sleep. Leisurely, I drop off.
After an uncharted time, I wake up inexplicability, but I have a thundery felling. So I rush down to the first floor.
Suddenly, I stop my action, be.. because my parents are turn in the trees!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Hello. My name is called Lyons , I reside in a world where magic is filled. All the people in here have their own conjurator, but I’m very special from everyone, because I didn’t have any idea have magic. So even my family want to use a lot of ruse to let me enroll to the school, it’ still not work. Once a day, all the people in our world turn in a tree, maybe I should turn in a tree too, but I’m hap, it didn’t gush at me. But, I still need to found out the problem, so I go on a travel, and my aim is redeem our world!