Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chapter 2

My parents turn in a tree! Why!? I need to call someone to help!.. mayor! Mayor is father’s best friend! He can use magic to turn them back! I wrestle to mayor home and knock the door hardly. But no one reply?Could it said that mayor is turn in a tree too? I pick up a big stone and shove the door, the door drops disjointedly with the voice. I run inside and check, just as expected, mayor and his wife are turn in the trees too! But I not dejection, maybe someone didn’t turn in the trees!
So I keep finding and finding, but even find all over the town, still have no one can help, everyone are turn in a tree! So why don’t I turn in a tree too? No! it’s not the time to think about why don’t I turn a tree! I need find an answer to adjust now this problem-magic! Yes! Just have magic can let the human turn in the trees, so I can use magic…oh,ya..I don’t have msgic. Ha ha! Now I know why just I didn’t turn in a tree! Because even I’m not a tree, still can not help the people that turn in the trees! But what can I do now? Granted I found out the the ringleader, I didn’t have any skill to beat him…what can I do now!? What can I do now!?

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